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If your goal is to establish a remarkable website for your agency and portfolio, choose Legency. With a customizable design and user-friendly interface, it showcases your creativity, leaving a strong impression and boosting your online presence.

Legency - Agency Website Template

Creating a website can be difficult, especially if you're not familiar with web development. That's why we made the Legency template. It's made for everyone.

Our template is easy to use. You can change it to look how you want without needing to be a tech expert. You just need to get the template, add your stuff, and your website is ready.

So, don't wait. Get our Legency template now and see how easy it is to make a website!

Ideal for

Portfolio, Creative Agencies, Branding Agencies, Minimal Agencies, Freelancers, Web Design Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Content Marketing, Social Media Agencies, SEO Agencies and Corporate Presentations

Global Swatches

Our website template has been designed with your convenience in mind. We have utilized Global swatches to make it easy for you to change the color scheme of your website with just a few clicks.

Key Features of Creative Portfolio Webflow Template

  • Pre-built pages & sections to make website creation easy and efficient.
  • Easy-to-understand class names that allow you to customize the website with ease.
  • Reusable components to help you save time and effort while keeping the website consistent.
  • 100% responsive design that looks great on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.
  • Beautiful animations and interactions that enhance the user experience and make your website stand out.
  • Includes free icons, fonts, and images to help you create a professional-looking website without having to spend extra time and money on design assets.
  • SEO optimized (h1s, structure, naming, speed) to help you rank higher in search engine results and attract more organic traffic.
  • Great performance that ensures fast page loading times and smooth navigation for your website visitors.

Pages list of Creative Studios Website Template

  • Home
  • Home 2
  • About
  • Project (CMS)
  • Service
  • Service Details
  • Careers
  • Blog (CMS)
  • Contact
  • Style Guide
  • Instructions
  • Licenses
  • Changelog
  • Coming Soon
  • Link In Bio
  • Error 404
  • Password Protected

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