Agency Framer Website Template

Craft an impressive website that captivates visitors. Display your agency's expertise, offerings, and achievements effortlessly. No tech skill needed β€” simply personalize and launch! Swift, visually appealing, and prepared to impress! πŸš€

Discover the perfect solution for establishing your agency's online presence effortlessly with our VOXO Framer template. Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring a web development expert – our VOXO agency website template empowers you to create an impressive site independently. Featuring a range of flexible layouts, it elegantly showcases your agency's services, team, contact details, and more.

Let our template become the cornerstone of your agency's digital success. With various flexible layouts, it beautifully displays your agency's services, team, contact details, and more. Start making an impact today! This template is ideal for Digital Marketing Agencies, Technology Firms, SEO Marketing Agencies, Creative Design Studios, Product Displays, Professional Portfolios, and Presentations for All Creative Professions.


Animations & Effects

Includes expressive animations. Tweak effects with a few clicks and capture your audience’s attention when they land on your website.


Components offer reusability across pages, with changes applied to all instances. They also offer an easy way to create animations..

Content Management System (CMS)

Everything you need to manage content for your blog posts, job listings, and marketing pages. Generate pages based on CMS entries and easily update content across your site.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive out of the box. Visually tweak your breakpoints and design your site on a familiar free-form canvas.

SEO & Performance

Sites that rank on search engines are fast, have well-structured content, and are accessible to everyone. Framer uses powerful technologies and all the tricks in the book to make your template perform by default.

Text Styles

Styles are re-usable visual properties for your text like the font, size, color etc. They allow you to centrally manage how the text on your site looks across different pages.


Uses the built-in Ticker component to display infinitely scrolling sections.

Web Fonts

Uses built-in web fonts or imports from Google Fonts and Fontshare.

Reviewed & approved by Framer team
Super easy to customize
Domain specific design
Cross-browser tested & optimized
SEO optimized & Fast loading times


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  • About
  • Work (CMS)
  • Work Detail (CMS)
  • Service Details
  • Blog (CMS)
  • Blog Detail (CMS)
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
  • 404
  • Style Guide
  • Licenses